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Corn Gluten Meal

Product Description
Corn gluten meal is a kind of good feed purified additive for poultry and livestocks growing and disease-resistant. Protein covers a percentage of 55 to 60,other contents are amino acid,various vitamin and micro-element.
With high protein, they are widely used in feeds industry, especial in shrimp breed aquatics , shrimps are grown well with this supplement.Furthermore,it can also be used to extract natural pigment and various amino acid.
Protein: 55%-60% Min
Moisture: 10% Max
Fibre: 2.5% Max
Fat: 2.5% Max
Aflatoxin < 10 microgram/Kg max
Ash: 2.5% Max
Amino Acid:60MIN
Odor:With the inherent odor of the corn gluten meal and without abnormal smell

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