Investment Principle

(1)Key investment business
In the industry area, Futaste co. now mainly invests on polyols industry, to support the development of recycling economy, energy-saving, high-tech plus products and harmonious society construction. Furthermore, Futaste investment will gradually develop following businesses like new energy & energy-saving technology; new material technology; electronic information technology; bio-technology, pharmaceutical and applications; resources and environmental technology; modern and advanced agriculture; equipments manufacture; high-tech modification of traditional agriculture; and etc.
In service area, Futaste will put more capital to find a diversified development of own business mode. Any good projects with good ideas, trustable profit mode, excellent manage team and good execution ability will all be welcome. Now we may keen on more to financial, capital management and consultation business.
(2)Main investment region
Focus in Shandong province and Bohai Economic circle, and also to other areas of China.

(3)Investment phase
Investigation, Establishment, Grow up, Expanding and Pre-IPO

(4)Investment selection standard
• Excellent management team, strong self-innovation ability;
• Broad market future, and potential rapid development possibility;
• Obvious principal business, new commercial type, clear profit mode;
• High speed developing period, middle or small size unlisted enterprises. Tel:+86 532 80931866 Fax:+86 532 80931877
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